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  1. Must have 30 days clean/sober - Use of drugs or alcohol is PROHIBITED at any time.
  2. No drugs or alcohol on the property.
  3. Profane or indecent language is not permitted towards each other.
  4. No guns or weapons on the premises at any time.
  5. No fighting, threats of violence, or repeated verbal attacks.
  6. Unhealthy behavior to yourself or others will be addressed ONE time only.  
  7. Your behavior in the neighborhood must be appropriate at all times, no soliciting, no borrowing and keeping outside noises to a minimum.
  8. No hanging out in front of the house or on cars.
  9. QUIET TIME INSIDE is 11:00pm – 8:00am.  NO ONE OUTSIDE after 11:00pm.
  10. No one allowed in Living room after 11:00pm Sun – Thurs and after 1:00am Fri & Sat
  11. Have respect when people are sleeping – Keep inside noises to a minimum.
  12. Random room inspections and drug test are performed by management.
  13. No sharing or borrowing any medications or monies.
  14. No sharing, lending, or borrowing anyone’s vehicle.
  15. No stealing!!!
  16. No borrowing anyone’s personal belongings without permission.
  17. No one is allowed in another person’s room ever – NO EXCEPTION.
  18. No sexual behavior with ANYONE living or visiting the house.
  19. You must secure employment or sign up for school within the first 30 days. Mandatory 20 hours of community service for those without employment or school.
  20. No Job, School or Service = No Privileges.
  21. If not employed you must be awake by 8:30 am during the week.
  22. Everyone is responsible to purchase their own food, toilet paper and laundry detergent.


  1. All prescribed medications must be approved by management and kept in a safe place, out of sight from other residents.  If abuse is suspected you will be asked to leave.  All new prescriptions must be approved by management before they are filled. No NARCOTIC, BENZO, or OPIATE prescriptions allowed at ANY time.
  2. You will be asked to leave if you are using mind altering drugs sold over the counter, i.e., cold remedies (with alcohol), sleeping aids, diet pills, diuretics and laxatives.  No taking ANY medication not prescribed to you.
  3. Do not go to the hospital without contacting the House Manager – NO SURGERIES, NO NARCOTICS/ALCOHOL


  1. No visiting male half-way houses during your first 30 days.
  2. Curfew for first 30 days is Sunday – Thursday 10:00 pm and Friday and Saturday 11:00 pm.
  3. Curfew after 30 days is Sunday – Thursday 11:00 pm and Friday and Saturday 1:00 am.
  4. A 10:00 pm curfew will be enforced if you have any unpaid balances, chores are not completed, if curfew is consistently broken, or if you break general house rules.
  5. After 30 days, request for overnight stays must be submitted 72 hours in advance and approved.
  6. Do not book a ticket home without talking with management.


  1. Everyone is required to make at least 3 recovery meetings weekly, have a sponsor, and a home group.
  2. There is a mandatory House of Angels meeting ever Thursday evening at 8:00pm.  House of Angels is a facility used for an outside NA meeting for women held on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm
  3. What is said in our groups and house meetings remains in the house.


  1. No eating in the bedrooms or on the couches - No sleeping on couches.
  2. No smoking in the house at ANY times, no burning candles, or incense in the bedrooms - $50 fee applies. 
  3. Only female visitors – notify House Manager when expecting visitors - visitors not allowed in bedrooms.
  4. Clean up after yourself and your visitors in the common areas: kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. 
  5. Turn off ALL lights and televisions when you leave an area.
  6. Make sure all doors are locked (garage, back-door, sliding glass door and front door) if you are last to leave.
  7. House chores will be maintained daily/weekly.
  8. Beds must be made and clothes put away DAILY before leaving the house.
  9. Washing machine and dryers are to be used on Wednesday and Sunday ONLY.  Do not wash and dry one article of clothing; it is a waste of electricity and water.  Do not wash your visitor’s clothes.  
  10. Do not put your laundry in if you are not going to be home to see it completed.  It is not the next person’s responsibility to finish your laundry. 
  11. Any commitments you have with treatment facility must be kept, i.e., outpatient, aftercare and therapy.
  12. Any commits to the courts and probation must be kept.
  13. If your family is paying your rent, they will be notified if you relapse.
  14. No one is to touch the mail box or air condition box except the House Manger.


Rent is $175 a week, prorated at $25 a day, must be paid on your due date (based on the day you arrived).  Rent is due in advance of each week or month.  A late fee of $25.00 applies for rents paid after due date.  A deposit of $150 and an administration fee of $200 is required to move in and is tied to a four month commitment which is recommended and covers fees for urinalysis and supplies.  Your rent will be pro-rated in but not pro-rated out.  Please give us at least a two week notice before moving to utilize your deposit.  Maximum stay in the house is 1 year, after 6 months you can move to our transitional house. 

I have read all the rules, policies, and procedures of House of Angels Program and I agree to follow them or shall be asked to leave and all monies will be forfeited. I am of legal age and have no limiting mental or physical conditions. I have disclosed to the staff all pending court/warrants or legal action and whether I am on probation. I have disclosed all prescribed medications. I will disclose my employment, family situations, or any other condition if it affects my clean time, or residence at this house. House of Angels is not responsible or liable for any personal injuries incurred or any personal property that is stolen during my stay at this residence.


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